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Made in China 4(2) special issue:

Infrastructural thinking in a Chinese register

A collection of essays from the First China Made workshop, guest edited by Tim Oakes and Alessandro Rippa, and featuring work by Jonathan Bach, Andrew Grant, Tong Lam, Alessandro Rippa, Hallam Stevens, Dorothy Tang, and Amy Zhang

keywords for infrastructure and media

tongdao 通道 passage, passageway, channel

wuliu 物流 logistics

fangbian 方便 convenience

anzhi 安置 suitable resettlement

qu 区 area, region, zone

sudu 速度 speed

sheji 设计 design

articles, chapters, reports

Oakes, T. 2019. China’s urban ideology: new towns, creation cities, and contested landscapes of memory. Eurasian Geography and Economics, DOI:10.1080/15387216.2019.1668815


April 2019. Keywords for Infrastructure and Media: Social Lives and Material Effects” Workshop, Denver, March 24-5, 2019

January 2019. Invisible Infrastructure: a project outline; 隐形的基础设施:项目概述

November 2018. First China Made Workshop: Conceiving Infrastructure in a Chinese Register; 首次中国制造研讨会:构想中国框架内的基础设施


November 2018: First China Made Workshop: Conceiving Infrastructure in a Chinese Register. Association for Asian Studies #Asia Now blog.

November 2018. China Made project director Tim Oakes was interviewed by Nazarbayev University President Shigeo Katsu during the 2018 Nazarbayev University Forum “China and the World: Engaging with a Reemerging Superpower”, November 28-29 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

February 2018: “CU Boulder scholars to lead effort analyzing China’s huge infrastructure push.” University of Colorado College of Arts & Sciences Magazine.


a series of interviews with scholars discussing how they work with infrastructure in their research projects, and why infrastructure is important to their work

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