China Made Lectures and Interviews

China Made Lectures and Interviews is a series of discussions with scholars on how they work with infrastructure in their research projects, and why infrastructure is important to their work.


Tim Oakes

City in a Box? Rethinking the Special Economic Zone as the ‘China Model’ of development

Murray Hiebert

Under Beijing’s Shadow: China’s rise and stepped-up involvement in Southeast Asia have prompted a blend of anticipation and unease among its smaller neighbors.

Tim Oakes

The National New Area as an Infrastructure Space A remote lecture at the University of Hong Kong’s China Development Studies Elite Seminar Series. March 31, 2021.


“China Made: the techno-politics, materialities, and legacies of infrastructure development”


Timothy Oakes: Professor of Geography and Director of the Center for Asian Studies University of Colorado Boulder.
Alessandro Rippa: Associate Professor of Chinese Studies Tallinn University.
Darren Byler: Postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Asian Studies University of Colorado Boulder.
Dorothy Tang: Doctoral student at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning.


Jonathan Bach

Andrew Barry

Max Hirsh

Tong Lam

Katherine Rankin

Hallam Stevens

Dorothy Tang

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