China Made / CEKP workshop

Keywords for Infrastructure and Media

Denver, Colorado. March 24-25, 2019

This workshop merged China Made with the international Chinese-English Keywords Project (CEKP) led by Louisa Schein (Rutgers University), and was co-organized by Yang Fan and Alessandro Rippa, along with Louisa Schein and Tim Oakes. The workshop explored keywords that illuminate aspects of Chinese infrastructure, with special attention to media worlds. Participants included Darren Byler (University of Washington), Carolyn Cartier (University of Technology Sydney), Silvia Lindtner (University of Michigan), Tim Oakes (University of Colorado Boulder), Lina Qu (Rutgers University), Alessandro Rippa (University of Colorado Boulder), Louisa Schein (Rutgers University), Tomonori Sugimoto (Stanford University), Fan Yang (University of Maryland Baltimore County), and Lu Zhang (Temple University).

Click here for Alessandro Rippa’s workshop report. The workshop produced a series of Keywords posts. We hope to continue expanding on these posts, as well as adding new keywords in the future.

tongdao 通道 passage, passageway, channel

wuliu 物流 logistics

fangbian 方便 convenience

anzhi 安置 suitable resettlement

qu 区 area, region, zone

sudu 速度 speed

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